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Εννιά λογαριασμοί στο Instagram για όσους λατρεύουν τους σκύλους

Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor
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Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor

Η 4η Οκτωβρίου έχει καθιερωθεί ως η Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Ζώων και είναι η ίδια μέρα με τον εορτασμό της μνήμης του Αγίου Φραγκίσκου της Ασίζης, που έχει αναγορευτεί από την Καθολική Εκκλησία ως προστάτης των ζώων και του περιβάλλοντος.

Προς τιμήν όλων των ζώων και του σεβασμού και της αγάπης που οφείλουμε να τους δείχνουμε σας παρουσιάζουμε οκτώ γλυκύτατους λογαριασμούς στο Instagram που μπορείτε να ακολουθήσετε αν είστε λάτρεις των σκύλων.


I just peed...on this couch 😎 #sorrynotsorry #notthefirsttime

A photo posted by Finn Hearst (@friendsoffinn) on


Reunited at last

A photo posted by Emily McCracken (@muttadventures) on


Little treat, BIG excitement. @Beggin #BegginPartner #Spon #BegginLittles #😧#FoojFaces

A photo posted by Fugee and Starla (@thefugee) on



Half way through the week! 💁😜 #Wednesday // #sputziepit

A photo posted by Sputnik (a.k.a Sputzie) (@sputziepit) on


😝 Your life with a rescue could look like this! We’re teamed up with @WagAware @LokiTheGoldenGod @PomPomChewy @swagmom25 & pals to help save more dogs’ lives! From July 6-20, #WagAware will donate 50% (yes 50 DOG-GONE %) of ALL SALES to @GreenDogFoundation! The WagAware Charm is the official symbol sup-PAW-orting dog rescue & WagAware donates 50% of all profits to dog rescue charities. They have already donated $105,000 in less than 2 years! Please show your support and Join the Ruff-olution at Plus, BUY 3 & GET 1 FREE automatically! No promo code needed. And they GLOW! They also ship INTERNATIONALLY! A very special thank you to our fellow Host Committee pals @rememberforever.gsds @afurrystory @buster_bond @thetoocute_tulip @chloekardoggian @pitoco_thedog @cruzthecutie @jewleebean__and_wheels @chimi_n_ella @ozzieandripley @misslolamabel @muffincan for lending their paws to this important cause! #BuyaCharmSaveaDog #WagAware4GDF

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Spring fever is in the air! All of the dogs around here are getting pumped for summer!

A photo posted by Roxy, Tracker And Mars (@mountain.mutts) on


Enjoying the final moments at this awesome beach

A photo posted by Mr. Fox (@mrfoxshots) on


Nap time.

A photo posted by Smokey Franco (@smokeyfranco) on

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